Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Day Mood

Been holed up the past week since Megi arrived. Today, cabin feverish, I finally decided to venture outside and see if I could shoot the streets in this weather. These months leading to the year's end definitely aren't too bike-friendly, but as I've found out today, it presents some unexpected photographic opportunities. Shooting street with a HUGE EOS camera and lens draws some unneeded attention at times, but isn't something you can't get around with some improvisation, like shooting from the hip (see picture above). All this hype about shooting street with rangefinders and small cameras just got to me, as I don't have those "street" cameras. Today, I am again encouraged by the mantra "its the Indian, not the pana!". Use what you have!

Now I just have to get a cheap hair blow-dryer to beat the damp on equipment.

These are all in-camera jpegs, i just tweaked saturation and contrast settings on the camera. Maxxed them, actually. Then some burning around the edges in Lightroom and that's it.

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