Sunday, June 14, 2009


Baybay:1.(n)coastline, beach. 2.(v)to traverse,to cross.

Two fishers traverse the waters fronting Dreamland, a fishing village in Rosario,Cavite, about an hour's ride from Uniwide in Baclaran. Dreamland sits adjacent to a dumpsite and materials recovery facilty which processes the garbage generated by Rosario's population of 94,228 living within a land area of 8.2 square kilometers. Thus, for the residents of Dreamland, living with garbage is a daily reality. The lack of toilets and social infrastructure, and their proximity to Manila and its own deluge of trash flowing down the Pasig River compounds the problem. Yet despite the seeming squallor of their existence, life goes on and they go about their daily preoccupation: making a decent living.

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