Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iisa'ng Laot (There is but one sea between us)

While filming an advocacy video for an NGO on community-based coastal resource management, we were fortunate to hitch a side trip to the island of Cobrador, one of the municipal islands off Romblon town. Cobrador is derived from a Spanish word of a variety or kind of stone fish called Cobrador because the island seems to be like a fish half afloat when seen from afar. Its old name was Naguso which is the Romblon Visayan equivalent of Cobrador fish ( Cobrador is only accessible by a 30 minute boat ride from the town pier which only makes one trip a day. The boat is operated by a community organization in Cobrador as an income generating activity to finance their other livelihood projects.
The title Iisa'ng Laot is culled from the need for coastal municipalities and fisherfolk to work closely in managing a shared resource (hence, one sea between us), an idea which the NGO and community organizations wish to spread among other coastal municipalities and villages in the province.

Off topic: the images are taken with a digital camera, but the intent comes from a purely analog heart. (Just a jab at an ongoing film vs. digital debate here:) These pictures as well as these ( are strongly influenced by Master Neil Oshima, whose work has turned me on to nature and landscape photography.

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